At Gourmet Chef, we know that the key to our success lies with your product uniqueness and your special understanding of your customers. We are here to serve you, and offer our considerable experience to bring your products to their highest level.

Our partners benefit from the balance that exists at Gourmet Chef ‐ we are flexible enough to make unique recipes, and still offer substantial savings through our consistent quality and efficiencies.

Dedication to Great Food

Our dedication to great‐tasting food is one of our core strengths. It is written into the constitution of our company! We get excited about new ingredients and methods, while also having a deep appreciation for the tried-and-true.

Our Chef and Food Scientists are devoted to getting your recipes right every time. We love to learn new things, and our goal is to make your items as good (or better!) than you can in your kitchen.

With a new food trend appearing on the horizon every 4 months, Gourmet Chef is your partner in the search for special ingredients that connect your customers to the most current and exciting eating experiences. Ask us about what flavors are popular across the industry, and we will help you devise a strategy to work them into your product line!


Recipes can arrive on our doorstep in a variety of conditions ‐ from an idea that needs shaping, to a legendary formula that needs exacting replication. These processes take time, but we have a track record of rapid turnaround. The biggest part of our process is Trust - the confidentiality of your information is assured, and your recipes stay secure.

"Our door is always open to discuss your unique project, or just send us an email and get the conversation started that way."
   ‐Gourmet Chef Team

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