Our unique line of Jelly and Jam products are tailor-made to add a burst of flavor to any meal or menu. Whether you are topping a baked Brie Wheel, spicing up that Chicken Sandwich or dipping Candy Salmon ‐ we have the flavour for you.

Looking for something spicy & hot? Try our Habanero line of spicy jellies, with ingredients such as Okanagan Peach, Tangy Mango, and tart Pomegranate Habanero.

Need a glaze for your protein specials? Let our Jellies do the heavy lifting for you - just brush them onto a grilled piece of Chicken, Pork, or Beef and taste the perfect synergies between savory, sweet, and spicy.

Additionally, our Jellies make a wonderful compliment to many of our dips, let us recommend a match!

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